Glowing Roots

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The roots of your indoor plants never really stand out, Belgian Spore Nursery wants to change that. With their new concept 'Glowing Roots' you immediately change the atmosphere in your living room, while growing new plant life in the glass.

This product consists of a water-repellent wooden tray with switch, 1.5 m cable and a built-in LED spotlight that illuminates the lower parts of the plant.

Combine the tray and light with the jelly in glass that will soon be available.


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This product consists of

  • either a tray in processed wood (14 cm wide / long and 3 cm high), an integrated LED light + glass and a plant cutting. The plant from which the cuttings originate depends on the season.
  • either only the tray and light.

Always ensure that the water does not come into contact with the lamp or other electrical equipment.

Glowing Roots is a mood light and therefore does not give the right light for the plant to grow. Place the plant in a light spot, out of full sun.

Always provide sufficient soft water (eg demineralized or rainwater) and regularly clean the glass.

Do you want to use your own cuttings and make them form roots in the glass? Then cut the stalk under a leaf and remove the lower leaves so that they do not rot in the water. Depending on the plant, light and warmth, the cuttings will form roots after 1 to 3 weeks.

From €46.00

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