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Do people sweat because they are lying through their teeth? What is the psychology behind the behaviour of Amantus Vestimentatis Identicus (the matchy-matchy couple)? Does plumber’s crack have a cultural significance? And how can you identify Homo Securitatis Inferioris?

This book provides answers to these and many other questions and finally has the gumption to actually say what nobody thinks. The People Spotter’s Guide is a handy field guide and a catalogue of the most fascinating species that walks our earth: you of course! Exploring your very own biotope has never been easier. What’s more, you earn points for every behaviour you spot. The rarer the behaviour, the higher your score.

The animator and cartoonist Tom Borremans is the creator of such humorous characters as ‘Principle Peter’ (for the Belgian weekly Humo) and ‘Socially Inept Michiel’, one of the most popular segments of ‘The Ideal World’ (a Belgian satirical TV show). He teamed up with Sven Van den Eynde, who works as a writer for the successful TV production company Woestijnvis for this book.


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This English book was first published in April 2018 by Luster.

The book is a paperback, measures 13 by 18 cm and counts 160 pages.


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