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De complete wodka gids


This book is a complete guide to vodka in which the secrets behind this mysterious spirit are unraveled.

Vodka is so much more than the national drink of Russia and Poland. From Asia and Great Britain to the United States: this fire water has conquered the whole world and is the most sold spirit in the world. The term fire water refers to its most important quality: a neutral strong drink, without odor, with a pure taste and therefore also the best friend of every bartender and the basis of every cosmopolitan, moscow mule or bloody mary.

This book tells you everything, from the origin, the production method, an overview of the countless vodka brands and the most delicious cocktails.


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This Dutch book was published first in August 2018 by publishing company Lannoo.

The hardback book measures 21 by 14 cm and holds 285 pages.


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