Ceremonial Matcha


The Antwerp Whisk Matcha comes to life in southern Japan. They use their own blend of the highest quality organic matcha leaves, fresh and straight from Kagoshima, where they work with a family farm that has been specialized for generations in the art of cultivating matcha.

Unlike other green tea matcha is stone-ground powder from young green tea leaves. Three weeks before the harvest, Japanese farmers select the highest quality green tea plants. They place them in the shade for slower growth. The limited access to sunlight gives a boost to the chlorophyll, which provides an intense green color.

After harvesting the baby tea leaves are stripped of their stalks, steamed and dried. This results in tencha tea, the raw product matcha is made of. After this, the tencha tea leaves are carefully grounded into powder, until they become pure matcha green tea powder. In this way all the good aspects of the tea are preserved, from plant to tea cup! Instead of having a tea bag pulled, the beauty of matcha lies in consuming the entire leaf. That is why it is important that what you drink is not full of harmful pesticides.


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This package contains 30 grams of matcha, good for 10 to 30 cups of tea.

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