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  • Your precious pet also deserves a nice home.
  • The Catcube is made of equilateral triangles with a flat base, one entrance and two peepholes and play holes.
  • This is a very sturdy construction thanks to the triangular structure.
  • The entire home is made of cardboard, perhaps because cats love this material the most, to sit on, roll on and rub up against.
  • The Catcube has been decorated with a screenprint of three different patterns. 
  • Cardboard is a very ecological, light and yet solid material. The Catcube comes in a flatpack and is easy to assemble. 
€39.50 €31.50

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Material: E-corrugated cardboard, with an arch height of ± 1.5 mm, 300 arches per metre and a total height of 1.5 mm with a top layer of Kraft paper, very solid and easy to fold thanks to the triangular structure of the Icosahedron. 

Dimensions: open/plano: 1540 mm x 900 mm - closed: 520 mm x 550 mm


€39.50 €31.50

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