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Chef and food stylist Els Sirejacob and food photographer Bram Debaenst know all about food that tastes as good as it looks. They also share a passion for camper van travelling.

In this book, they’ve combined the things they love most in life. It’s a cookbook with lots of recipes and tricks to prepare good food on the road all year round. Also, it’s a source of inspiration and an ode to beautiful, unspoilt destinations. The beautiful photos will make you dream about being free, somewhere in nature, the personal stories really bring the wonderful feeling to life of being on the road.

The different chapters correspond to the different regions and countries Bram and Els visited in Europe: from the Black Forest in Germany to Cornwall and from the Ardennes in Belgium to Albania. Els and Bram also share some practical tips, for example where and how to look for the kind of camper van spots they love, and a packing checklist.


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Format: 19.5 x 25 cm.

240 pages.


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