Callas confiture gift box

  • The story of Callas Confiture started in Karen Depoortere's vegetable garden in Ghent.
  • Here she started searching for simple fruit flavours that she could serve to the guests in her B&B.
  • She starts from original recipes to turn a simple daily staple like jam into "haute confiture".
  • This gift set contains three surprising fruit combos, a tasty gift.

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The gift set contains three different jams. The combination is always a surprise but you can learn more about the different options here.

All the jams are made with only the best ingredients. Pure fruit, pure pectin, granulated sugar, quality spices and herbs. The ingredients are mainly sourced from local shops or fruit growers. All the jams are made in the traditional way, according to the rules of the art and in limited quantities, with 5 kilos of fruit in open, copper pots.

No colourings or preservatives are added. Sugar is only used in limited quantities. The sugar percentage is only 30%. So 100 g Callas Confiture contains 70 g of fruit and 30 g of sugar.  The resulting jam is very pure and tastes of intense fruit. The use of sugar - which is essential to preserve the jam - means that once the jam is opened it must always be kept in your fridge.


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