CADOVID: shop local-Antwerpen


Did you hear? We are no longer just to be found in Gent, but we have recently opened a new location in Antwerp! Unfortunately you will be unable to visit it at the moment, but don't worry, we will bring the Antwerp & Gent stores to you! These CADOVID packages, filled with Belgian treasures, are our pride. Decorate your house with these local vibes!

In the Antwerp package you can find a bottle of 20cl NONA. In her search for an alternative for classic gin, the  bio-engineer Charlotte, developped Nona June - a premium alcohol free spirit. On top of that this package contains a kitchen towel with the city plan of Antwerp and a birthday calendar with Antwerp architecture, from designer mmmMar. Also Helen B gets her place in this box with her blocnote of a naked couple.

Especially for you, from us a PIET Moodshop, a couple of extras: A gift certificate of €5 for all our shops, a playlist to put you in shopping MOOD and a 10% discount at restaurant Grandeux close to our Antwerp Moodshops.

You can add a personal message to all gift CADOVID boxes – check them out!


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