Belgisch bier


Belgian beers are world famous and that's completely justified. We all know them and many of us have already tried out a lot of beers. But how do these beers actually taste? Where do their specific aromas come from? How can you determine which ingredients you value most in a beer? This book has all the answers.

For the first time this guide maps 250 Belgian beers in an accessible but fully scientific way.

Professor Kevin Verstrepen and Doctor Miguel Roncoroni tested 250 beers in their lab at the KU Leuven Institute for Beer Research and the VIB Center for Microbiology. From this exclusive dataset a complete atlas of Belgian beers was compiled for the first time, a taste guide that shows how each beer relates to other beers which encourages every reader to discover new ones based on their personal favorites.


Delivery period: 4 weeks


This Dutch book was first published by Lannoo in September 2018.

The hardback measures 14 by 20 cm and has 576 pages.


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