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Bacanha Syrup

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The French brand Bacanha launched a collection of authentic and refined organic syrups made in the traditional way in France. Their range of products is ideal for adding an original touch to cocktails, mocktails and lattes.

A good syrup is the result of a highly codified aroma agreement. Its quality depends entirely on the quality of the ingredients, especially the natural extracts. The syrups are less sweet than a classic syrup, but they are also more concentrated in terms of aromas and natural extracts, and therefore offer unparalleled aromatic power.



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The Brut syrups exist in the following flavours: passion fruit, basil, cucumber, peach, speculoos, pistachio, falernum, bergamot, yuzu, lychee, mint, verbena, violet, pear, salted caramel, almond and raspberry

From €14.90

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