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  • Epiphytes or Tillandsia are airplants.
  • They don't have roots. All they need to survive is some daylight and water.
  • They are like small, living artworks.
  • Choose Ionantha or Brachycaulis and add a unique, green detail to your home.
  • A himmeli is a fun way of displaying your tillandsia.

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Every airplant is unique so the size and colours may vary from the photos.

The stock of this airplants is always subject to availability according to the supplier.
If the chosen airplant is not in stock, we like to suggest a resembling airplant.

How to care for your airplant? Read this blogpost:

Tillandsia need daylight so place them in a well-lit place but never in direct sunlight.
Each plant is different and some need more watering than others. If the leaves start to curl, then your plant definitely needs water.
Use a plant mister to spray your plant every week or soak them in water twice a month. 
Try to use rainwater or filtered water and pat dry after watering. 

Airplants are perfect for your bathroom. They don't need much watering because of the high degree of moisture in the air in this room.

From €9.00

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