4Ocean bracelet

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In January 2017, 2 surfers set up 4Ocean with the aim of creating a sustainable future for the oceans by cleaning up active coastlines and oceans.

In addition to organizing clean-up campaigns, they also recycle the waste into bracelets. With each bracelet sold, one pound of rubbish can be removed from the oceans. The 40cean bracelets are made of 100% recycled material and are 100% waterproof so you do not have to take them off when you dive into the water.

In October 2017, less than a year after founding the organization, 4Ocean had already removed 140.188 pounds of waste from the waters. Make your own contribution to a sustainable future by wearing your own 4Ocean bracelet!


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The diameter of the bracelets can be adjusted from +/- 5 to about 13 cm.

Artisan Made from 4Ocean on Vimeo.

From €24.95

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